Randi Yezer

Randi Yezer

Randi Yezer joined IH Capital LLC in January 2015 as Head of Underwriting.  She is responsible for overseeing underwriting processes and deal underwriting as well as providing information to rating agencies and b piece buyers to successfully securitize the loans.

Randi has more than 20 years experience in commercial real estate, with the majority of her experience in all aspects of providing due diligence on property level, acquisition and financing.

Prior to joining IH Capital, Randi spent 10 years at Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc  in the Commercial Real Estate Group as a Senior Underwriter responsible for underwriting both large and conduit loans, CDO’s, warehouse loans and balance sheet loans.  In addition, she worked with the securitization team and had discussions with rating agencies and b-piece buyers in order to sell the loans.  During the down cycle, Randi worked with the FDIC on their loan sales in order to get the highest bid and asset managed the loans that couldn’t get sold before the crash.  Randi has underwritten billions of dollars of real estate including trophy assets such as GM Building and Mall of America.

Prior to Deutsche, Randi worked at Ernst & Young (formally Kenneth Leventhal & Company) where she was a Senior Manager and Certified Public Accountant in the Commercial Real Estate Group.  The majority of her responsibilities were to provide due diligence services for investment banks, commercial banks, real estate investment companies, partnerships and opportunity funds.  These services included underwriting large and conduit loans, abstracting notes/mortgages to create tapes for securitization, comforting prospectuses, merger and acquisition transactions diligence, lease abstracting, creating ARGUS models, real estate valuations, DIV models, project management, B-piece diligence services. 

Randi holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from the University of Arizona.